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Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus

Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus is a vast region stretching from the beaches of the Adriatic Sea to the heights of the Tian Shan Mountains and home to 160 million people in 17 countries. 

Bringing together various ethnicities, languages, and cultures, this region is a unique and vibrant space for productive intercultural dialogue and mutual enrichment. But diversity is our biggest strength: while cherishing our distinctions and preserving each nation’s cultural codes, we have much to share with each other to expand our horizons. 

Digital community platform

The platform provides entrepreneurs from different countries with ample opportunities for communication, education, mentoring and business development. By connecting women throughout the region, we are empowering female voices in the global business world. 

The digital community platform includes the functions of a professional social network, where female leaders and entrepreneurs can communicate, publish posts, search for business contacts, and develop their personal brand. 

You have a chance to join the community of like-minded female entrepreneurs who share similar interests: support, lifelong learning, finding new business opportunities and funding, expanding their business network, and aspiration to achieve more and dream big.