Emerging Europe Talks She’s Next with Ana Nadiradze and Diana Kiguradze

“Our [solution] is an innovative platform for riders of any level to book and fully explore our tour features with the assistance of digital video routes. When you go to our website, you can see all horseback tours around Georgia. The platform’s objective is to develop a niche market for equestrian tourism in the region,” Ana Nadiradze, co-founder of Horsetours, tells Andrew Wrobel. 

“Ana has created a really interesting business and she can show how to combine ecommerce and equestrian tourism together,” says Diana Kiguradze, regional manager, Caucasus, CISSEE at Visa. 

Not only that, she has introduced digitalisation to a sector that was analogue for too long. 

“We are going to digitise the potential of equestrian tourists in Western Georgia and create a digital video road,” Ana adds. 

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