Emerging Europe Talks She’s Next with Dragana ‘Gaga’ Djermanović 

“I’m a growth guide which means I support leaders and managers and start-up founders and some public figures in sorting out their businesses and lives,” Gaga Djermanović tells Andrew Wrobel in the first episode of Emerging Europe Talks She’s Next empowered by Visa. 

Gaga is a recognised and awarded personal and professional growth advisor. Through her extensive career, she has mentored more than 1,000 managers, leaders, public figures, and founders. 

“I’m very passionate about supporting people who believe in their dreams and want to realise them, but suffer because they don’t have a clear goal or vision. Sometimes, even with a clear goal or vision, it’s too small.” 

“Gaga is a real inspiration for me. From being the youngest manager in a financial institution in Serbia in her early twenties, through leaving the corporate world and becoming a global influencer, she has shown that nothing is impossible. I was stunned by her remarkably positive attitude and her understanding of giving not only taking,” says Andrew. 

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“Wherever you are and whatever you have done so far, whatever you think you have, you can give to others. And that’s an example, either ideas, context or you can even support someone’s story: that’s giving. And usually people are building networks in order to get,” Gaga says. 

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