Emerging Europe Talks She’s Next with Havva Safarova

“I was working in a corporate environment, in a hotel, in the marketing department, and we were seeking professional travellers and family travellers [who could help us] promote our hotel,” Havva Safarova tells Andrew Wrobel.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t manage to find any travelling families who have a blog. One night my husband said to me: ‘You travel, we have kids, and you are a marketer so you can do it best’.”

Now, Havva is an internet personality and a content creator with thousands of followers. She also educates others. She is the author of seminars and marathons that empower women and emphasise that, “the limit of women is only in their brains.”

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Like many mothers, she struggled with dividing her time between family and work.

“I couldn’t work and manage, taking the kids to the kindergarten and then taking care of them. As a freelancer it was very hard; when you are in a corporate environment, you are working from nine to six. But when you are a freelancer, you are working 24/7.

“And I was sitting in coffee shops aware that people were watching…I was bringing my kids to the coffee shop and people were saying that they disrupted them.”

So, Havva came up with yet another idea: Ninja Kids Club.

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