Financing: Crowdfunding 

Some entrepreneurs struggle to acquire capital for their ventures through traditional methods such as grants and loans, be it for ineligibility or other reasons. Crowdfunding is an alternative method well worth taking a look at. 


What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a way of acquiring capital for your business by asking a wide array of people for small donations, usually online. These donations can eventually add up to a large amount, normally enough to kick start a business. In return for donations the investors will normally receive a non-financial reward or small amounts of equity in the business. 

Using crowdfunding has a multitude of benefits in comparison to other forms of financial aid, such as: 

Easy access to capital – Crowdfunding allows you to receive capital with limited bureaucracy, unlike other methods such as banks or venture capitalists. 

Exposure – Crowdfunding campaigns typically require creators to promote their projects extensively through various online channels. This promotional effort can result in increased visibility, media coverage, and brand recognition. 

Validation – Launching a crowdfunding campaign can serve as a test of market demand and consumer interest. A successful campaign can indicate that there is a genuine demand for the product. 

Downsides of crowdfunding  

While crowdfunding’s benefits are incredibly beneficial for entrepreneurs, it is hard to ignore the prominent downsides and noticeable challenges that they possess, and they are, but not limited to: 

Uncertainty of Success – Crowdfunding campaigns are not guaranteed to be successful. Many campaigns will fail to reach their goal. 

False Promises – You must be able to back up your promised reward for funding your business. Failure to do so can lead to backers demanding refunds and you losing out on potential capital. 

Fees and Costs – Crowdfunding platforms typically charge fees for hosting campaigns and processing payments. This can be especially straining on your budget as you still need to spend money on advertising the campaign to begin with. 

Crowdfunding is a great source of capital for a business to begin with as it is a simple source of capital. However, you must be aware of the risks that it ensues as not all crowdfunding campaigns reach their goal. 

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